Facing twin challenges: environmental damage & poverty


Ethiopia used to be rich in natural resources. Mountain vegetation sheltered wild animals, birds and plants. Reliable rains fed rivers and springs. Much of Ethiopia today is lush and green but the 40% of the land previously forested has been reduced to 3%. Even where the land looks green, many people are gripped by poverty. Ethiopia’s population of 83 million is Africa’s second largest: three quarters live on less than two dollars per day. One child in ten dies before the age of five; five mothers in every 1,000 die giving birth (Human Development Report 2011, UNICEF State of the World’s Children 2011). 80% of people earn their living from growing crops or keeping animals. Many have suffered floods and food shortage. Restoring farmlands and forests is an immediate need.

asdaet.orgFinding twin-track solutions: environmental regeneration and support to livelihoods

Association for Sustainable Development Alternatives (ASDA) has led the way in Ethiopia

Association for Sustainable Development in Ethiopia (ASDE) lends its support from the UK

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